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Meet our employees

Mehdi has more than ten years’ experience working as an IT Consultant and Project Manager and holds a master’s degree in Cryptography and Engineering from ENSIMAG. He is motivated by seeing the impact of his work on the company – and that’s what he gets working at Exerp.

Marie has an Engineering Degree from Ecole des Mines Paris. She started as an intern with Exerp in 2014. Now she’s a permanent member of Exerp’s development team and the release master, managing continuous weekly releases. She enjoys the creative environment at Exerp and feels that “everything is possible”.

With a support and server management background, Daniel has been a technical consultant with Exerp since 2014. He loves diving into his clients’ business cases and breaking them down to their elements. “I have seen the complexity of the solution – and I find it fascinating.”