Computerworld’s Top 100 is an institution in the Danish IT sector. This year Exerp wins this top honour and joins the ranks of the country’s most innovative IT companies.

Exerp has, over the past few years, realized impressive growth to both top and bottom lines. For example from 2014 – 2015, Exerp’s gross revenue grew over 69%. The number of Exerp employees has also grown, from 26 in 2012 to 54 today.

CEO and Partner, Rémi Nodet, has been with the company since 2003. He remembers when times were a bit tougher. “In 2003 we had 150-200 centers that were running on our earlier version. Then we won a big contract with SATS for about 120 centers where we needed to build a completely new enterprise system for them. That was the beginning of the Exerp Platform.”

Today the Exerp Platform can serve almost every IT need a fitness chain could have. Nodet explains, “We take care of everything from billing and class bookings to cash registers and transactions. We implement apps and websites, take care of access control and reminders, and serve almost every other customer need.”

Exerp’s customers have also changed dramatically since 2003 when they were mostly Danish and Nordic fitness chains. Today Exerp’s customers are largely global. In consequence, starting 1 December Exerp is establishing an office in West Palm Beach, Florida, that will serve our first customers there with account management and support, and be the base for our North American expansion.