The Exerp Platform is a standard club management system that acts as the centralised information source and member database for payment collection, reporting, business analysis and customer relations management. It has been developed over more than 15 years with input from our entire customer base, and integrates a wealth of best practices from the fitness and leisure industry. The system is highly configurable and allows you to use it in a customised way – perfectly suited to your company. Here you can discover the parts that make up the whole.


The Exerp Data Warehouse solution, run on Amazon Redshift, is an application that extracts and reconciles Exerp’s client data. It gives the client easy access to fault-tolerant data for business analysis and reporting – a reliable source for critical business decisions.

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With Exerp’s Staff App, class instructors and trainers can take their office to the gym floor, with the power to manage bookings and assist members directly from their mobile devices.

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Exerp’s white-label Member App allows members to be cardless at the gym. All member features are available on the app – with your brand attached.

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  • Club Services
    • Remote Client Management

      Allows remote control of each computer running Exerp. Client can manage devices (hardware connected to the computer) as well as local system properties and cash register configuration. It also provides remote access to the computers client log, and enables Client to generate client codes on a mass scale..

    • Subscriptions

      Through subscription products, your members (students, senior, corporate etc.) will obtain various privileges, i.e. rebates and access rights. Our unique Privilege System allows management to centrally define strict offering policies regarding rebates and access rights. The privileges can be temporally and geographically scoped and applied to products or subscriptions in any combination conceivable.

    • Product Catalogue

      Streamline your product offerings across your organisation while still allowing for controlled local deviations. Manage all product types; retail, subscriptions, add-ons, services, clip cards, gift cards etc. from one single product catalogue to eliminate product duplicates and ensure correct price changes and phase-outs.

    • Role System

      Ensure safe and effective control of what staff can do, when and where, through a fine-grained role system. The role system allows for configuration of multiple composite roles, each comprising a set of allowed actions. The scoping in the Exerp platform allows employees to hold multiple composite roles, i.e. ‘Club Manager’ in one club and ‘Receptionist’ in another.

    • Target Groups

      Use target groups to provide offerings and campaigns to a selected group of members, giving discounts or special access to facilities. The target groups can be drawn from any data available in the Exerp platform to segment the target groups for your special offerings, such as person types, training frequency, relations or historic purchases.

    • Group Memberships

      Allow additional users to be signed up on specific membership types. Members with group memberships can add family or friends as secondary users on their membership, either included in the monthly fee or as a charged monthly add-on service.

    • Add-On Services

      Differentiate your offerings and optimise secondary revenue with complementary services in addition to the base membership. For example, members can choose to subscribe to privileges to use PT, Child Care, towel/shoe service, golf, squash etc.

    • Bundled Products

      Increase secondary spend with product bundling (package deals) of all types of products, including retail and memberships. Allow for advanced bundles, such as combinations of ‘two items from this product group’ and ‘three items from that product group’. Your staff will be prompted to ensure additional suggestive sales.

    • Gift Cards

      Sell and issue gift cards (vouchers) using your barcodes, magnetic or RFID cards. Sale and redemption of gift cards are managed completely by the Exerp platform, which keeps track of the amounts used on each gift card and ensures that gift cards cannot be used once the full amount has been spent.

    • Clip Cards

      Manage session packs with clip cards for PT, sun beds, group training etc. Clip cards are managed electronically using the member cards and can be used for both access rights and retail purchases. All clip usage is logged in the member’s profile for easy access of usage history.


      The Recurring Clip Card feature allows members to have a recurring subscription that automatically issues a new clip card to the member for each new period. This allows members to subscribe to a fixed number of personal training sessions per month and be deducted for the sessions by Direct Debit together with their membership.

    • Micro Payments

      Differentiate your revenue by charging members for the use of various services or resources such as showers, group exercises, VIP facilities etc. The Micro payment is automatically processed when the member hovers his/her wristband at a touchless sensor. The Micro Payment is settled via Direct Debit or instantly subtracted from a pre-paid amount in the member’s account.

    • Start-Up Campaigns

      Use start-up campaigns for your selected membership types. The start-up campaign gives discounts on the start-up period for new members signing up, for example, half off the firstmonth. The price is automatically increased once the discounted start-up period expires with no additional administration overhead.

    • Campaign Codes

      Create campaigns that are limited to customers with a predefined campaign code. The campaign codes can either be reusable codes, such as QR codes, or individual codes that can be used only once. The campaign code option can be applied to both start-up campaigns, bundle campaigns and general campaigns, giving discounts on retail products and services.

  • Booking
    • Book a Seat

      Let your members choose their preferred bike in the cycling studio (or other equipment used for various classes), and have Exerp confirm their booking. Payment for the booking is in the roadmap for this feature, so members can be charged for this individual service. Note: this feature is only available through the API and in the Exerp Client application. It is not available in the Exerp Standard Web Solution and Kiosk.

    • Class Booking

      Manage your group activities with flexible configuration of rules for participants, cancellations, bookings, activity recurrence, automated waiting lists, reminder messaging triggers, cost budgeting, instructor requirements etc.

    • No-show Sanctions

      Use no-show sanctions to automatically add a fee on the next Direct Debit of members who do not show up for their bookings. Alternatively, you can sanction no-shows by automatically limiting the rights to make new bookings for a period.

    • Resource Booking

      Allow you or your members to book resources like rooms or equipment in the resource calendar. Rooms can be defined with pre-defined time slots to enable booking of sun-beds or courts like squash and badminton. Rules ensure that the bookings of your resources are optimised at any time.


      Enable your clubs to easily setup and manage courses, such as: weight courses, swim schools, summer camps etc. Manage skill tracking and graduation to more advanced courses. Lets your members signup easily to continues course plans and charge this together with their recurring membership.

    • Staff Booking

      Let staff define the work hours and booking availability, so they can be booked for personal sessions. The central configuration ensures that only the right staff is booked for specialised activities like personal training or intro tours by restricting activities to specific staff groups.

    • Book a Friend

      Let your members book each other for classes and add their training buddies in Exerp. When adding a training buddy, the member can allow their buddy to book classes on their behalf and vice versa. Upon a booking, both the member and the buddy will receive a booking confirmation message. This feature also allows members to sponsor their buddy using clips from a personal clip card, if the booked buddy does not have privileges, or to use personal clips to bring a friend. Note: this feature is only available through the API and in the Exerp Client application. It is not available in the Exerp Standard Web Solution and Kiosk.

  • Corporate
    • Corporate Agreements

      Ensure safe and effective managing of your corporate agreements throughout the chain. All corporate prices are enforced in the clubs when corporate members sign up for a membership. The corporate discount can apply to all products including subscriptions, joining fee and retail products and can be defined as fixed price, price discount or a percentage discount on the normal price.

    • Corporate Sponsorship

      Bill your companies for the sponsoring of their employees. The sponsored part can be a percentage, a fixed amount or a fixed price. Sponsorship can be both on signup and on the recurring monthly membership price. Corporate members will pay the non-sponsored part on sign up or by monthly Direct Debit.

  • Customer Relations
    • Access Control

      To strictly control who may enter the facilities, members obtain access privileges to activities and resources through various service products; subscriptions, campaigns, corporate agreement etc. In case of any outstanding issues with Direct Debit, frozen or terminated subscriptions, undelivered messages, debt etc., front desk staff will be alerted when members swipe their card at the turnstile.

    • Point of Sale (POS)

      Allows front desk staff to quickly execute sale of subscriptions and goods. To ensure that members always receive the right price of any product, the price is given by the system, taking into account rebates stemming from campaigns, student offerings, company agreements etc. In other words, the front desk staff never inputs a price which reduces the risk of mistakes and fraud.

    • Task Management (CRM)

      Define task types and workflows to manage your prospects and member retention activities. This feature includes a highly configurable workflow engine and support for messages, notes and appointments. For all tasks and workflows you can report on the steps and actions you have defined in your workflow.

    • Automated Messages

      Let the Exerp platform automatically send debt reminders, booking reminders, membership expiration reminders etc. automatically through the members’ preferred channel. The feature supports more than 40 automated message types that can be sent either by email, SMS or delivered through the member self-service interfaces.

    • Data Cleaning

      Keep your member data updated using external data cleaning services and let the Exerp platform automatically handle the processes related to personal data retention and protection law compliance by removing personal data that no
      longer needs to be kept.

    • Questionnaires

      Know the trends in your member base by issuing bulk electronic questionnaires. Let your members answer online or by the aid of front desk staff and use the answers for statistics or targeted campaigns etc. Besides bulk questionnaires you can also include entry and exit questionnaires to capture information at the right time to learn why people may be signing up or cancelling.

    • SMS Services

      Send SMS directly from the member profile or use SMS as channel for the automated messages sent by the Exerp platform. The service includes integration to a professional, international SMS Gateway Provider. Setup, maintenance and administration are all taken care of by Exerp and our partner.


      Exerp Member Mobile App is a white-labelled app for mobile devices that can be customised to your brand. It includes class booking, push notifications to members and QR codes for campaigns and access control. The App is made in Apple swift and Android native code, and integrates directly into the back end of Exerp for easy management of, for example, class schedules, bookings and member profiles.


      Exerp Staff Mobile App is an app for group exercise and personal trainers. It allows them to keep track of their classes/appointments with members, easily trade classes or sign up for classes missing an instructor. It can also be used to show-up members for outdoor classes. The App is made in Apple swift and Android native code, and integrates directly into the back-end of Exerp for easy management of e.g. class schedules, bookings and member profiles.

  • Finance & Reporting
    • Reporting

      Instant overview for your CFO and back office. Perform chain-wide reporting across clubs, regions and countries and take out standard, time-safe reports on sales, deferred revenue, subscription evolution, aged debt, attrition, Direct Debit, campaigns, bookings etc. Or use the Easy Extract Wizard to take out your own extract and apply these to campaigns, newsletters, staff to-dos etc.

    • Direct Debit

      Automatic billing of recurring subscription fees guarantees correct and timely deductions on a chain-wide level. Direct Debit (EFT) is fully supported in UK, FR, DE, SE, NO, DK, CH, PL, AU, AT, CA, NL, SA and FI. A robust framework for implementation ensures that any additional EU countries are seamlessly integrated using SEPA Core Direct Debit.

    • Debt Collection

      Ensure automated and consistent handling of members in debt. Based on your setup, the Exerp platform will automatically block access, send out emails, SMS, physical letters and add reminder fees etc. Members with overdue debt can also be electronically transferred to a third-party debt recovery agency.

    • Expense Voucher

      Let staff register minor expenses and manage petty cash in clubs using the Exerp expense vouchers. An easy step-by-step wizard ensures correct registration and mapping to your finance accounts, giving you a day-to-day view of expenses paid out in clubs and reduces your back office administration.

    • Recurring Credit Card

      Let your members create Direct Debit mandates for credit cards and deduct monthly, weekly, or daily membership fees and retail sales using the credit card instead of bank deduction. The solution provided together with Payex is easy and secure, and allows members to manage their own credit card details in the online member portal (transaction based pricing apply).

    • General Ledger

      Manage your organisation’s own chart of accounts and setup schedules for automated export to your external finance system. The exported finance data is automatically aggregated and ensures a complete audit trail between the Exerp
      platform and the finance system.

    • Inventory Management

      Keep complete track of the financial and physical flow of your retail products. This includes management of your suppliers, deliveries, internal usage, faulty products, and write-offs. The Exerp platform will provide an instant overview of stock values and keep your finance system updated daily.

    • Instalment Plans

      Allow your members to split payments of large sales amounts, e.g. personal training sessions, into an upfront payment followed by monthly instalments of the remaining amount by Direct Debit. The feature gives you full control of the business rules for allowed instalments and amounts to ensure that the payment plans follow your corporate business policies.

    • BI

      Exerp’s system comes with a set of standard exports for integration with external BI system. The system can be configured to export the data at a scheduled frequency and be uploaded to an external SFTP server, where it can be retrieved by the BI system.

    • BI QLIK

      Use the Exerp integration with Qlik Sense to get your reporting figures on all the required dimensions, and make the figures accessible on all platforms throughout your organisation based on roles and security levels. Qlik Sense is a data visualization and analysis application that empowers you to easily create personalized reports and dashboards with drag-and-drop simplicity. The integration allows you to explore and breakdown the numbers as well as tracking evolution of the slowly changing report dimensions.

  • Hardware
    • E-signature

      Let your members sign contracts and receipts electronically and have the signed documents stored in the member profile as PDFs. This way you always have easy access to the contract and other signed documents in both clubs and in head office. You can also allow your members access to the signed documents including their contract in their online profile.

    • Gate Control

      Integrate your doors and gates with the Exerp platform using Gantner relays or the Barionett relay provided by Exerp. This allows you to set up access rules in Exerp, ensuring that only the members with the right privileges can access the resources and facilities in the club.

    • Integrated Payment Terminal

      Avoid problems of reconciling your cash registers by integrating Exerp with your credit card terminals. Exerp automatically sends the requested amount to the terminal and reconciles with the terminal at the end of the day.


    • Vending Machines

      Integrate your vending machines and allow your members to make cashless purchases over their membership account using either a prepaid amount or deduction by Direct Debit with a monthly micro credit. Prices are controlled in the Exerp platform and allow you to give targeted discounts through the vending machines. No coding of vending machines needed.

  • Self Service
    • Self-Service Terminal

      Use self-service terminals with touch interface for fast and convenient fitness class check-ins and staff bookings. In addition members can view messages, print their booked classes and make new bookings of coming classes.

  • Integrations
    • Automated Export

      Schedule exports of custom extracts of data from Exerp to other systems like gate systems or BI systems. Schedules can be set up daily, weekly or monthly, reducing manual processes for back office staff, and can include any selected data from the Exerp platform.

    • API

      Exerp offers an Open API allowing you to easily integrate third-party systems to the Exerp platform. The Open API allows external systems to read and update almost all member related data, and includes functions for booking of classes and staff. The integration is based on the standard Web Service called SOAP.

    • Mobile API

      Build your custom mobile apps using the Exerp Mobile API. The API is designed according to REST principles on top of an HTTPS protocol and using JSON data interchange format, which is supported in all mobile development frameworks: it allows direct calls from the mobile app to the Exerp back-end with a secure token-based authentication. Push notifications are also built into Exerp’s automated communication feature.

    • Push API

      Push member data changes instantly to third party systems based on events and triggers in Exerp. Messages can be pushed when member profile changes, bookings are made or when a member buys or makes changes to memberships. Messages are pushed to external service using http requests with information on the changed data.

  • Miscellaneous
    • KPI Tracker

      Set up your own custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and use the Exerp platform for setting and monitoring specific operational goals within sales, retention, attrition, classes and much more. The KPI’s are made available based on user roles, so you can provide different user groups with their own set of KPI’s.

    • Escrow Service

      Exerp offers Data and Source Code Escrow Service in partnership with the National Computing Centre (NCC) in Manchester (UK). The service is exclusive to enterprise clients. The Escrow Service includes monthly transfer of the clients data in Exerp (Oracle), the Exerp Source Code and Exerp Executables.