With Exerp’s Staff App, class instructors and trainers can take their office to the gym floor, with the power to manage bookings and assist members directly from their mobile devices.

Key App Features include:

  • Swap Board – Running late? Sick?  Going on vacation? Swap classes with another instructor while you’re on-the-go, or pick up another trainer’s class if you have extra time.
  • Booking Management – Create a new class or move its location/time
  • View Calendar – Not sure when your next class is? Check your schedule while on the go.
  • View Roster – Who’s booked in your next class? Who’s already checked in?  Get to know your participants before they arrive.
  • Attendance Tracking – Seamlessly search, add and remove participants. Scan membership QR codes directly from your phone.
  • Push notifications – Sign up to receive a message when classes become available. Staff only receive notifications for the classes that they are allowed to instruct.
  • Worklog – keep track of which classes and sessions you led and how many hours you spent on each activity.

Before the Exerp Staff App was created, class instructors and trainers would have to use a desktop computer to manage clients, classes and their schedules.

The Exerp Staff App is designed to put the most popular scheduling and booking functionalities into the hands of your instructors and personal trainers. It’s about improving efficiency and freeing up time for staff to be where members need them most – on the gym floor.

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